Panasonic RP-HJE120E-K Black Ear Canal Headphones

  4.0 out of 5   reviews
Orig. Price: N/A
Sale Price: $14.56

Straight Leader canal type insidephone with 9 fresh and cute colours and 3 size ear pads are supplied for comfortable fitting with frequency response 20Hz-20KHz


  • Octarib speaker for quality sound
  • Ergofit design for ultimate comfort and fit
  • 3 pairs of soft earpads included[S/M/L]

Most Helpful Panasonic RP-HJE120E-K Review on Amazon

I have a self appointed mission of finding inexpensive headphones that sound better than average. I have been on this quest for years as I am always never without my mp3 player or radio. I am rough on headphones and go through them fairly regularly. So I am always trying to find inexpensive headphones that sound better than my previous set (Skullcandy Ink’d). This time, after carefully reading reviews, I purchased 3 different headphones at once, all in the same price range (Under $15.00): The Panasonic RP-HJE120-A (Blue), The Skullcandy Jib, and The 2XL Spoke (Bounty Hunter Collection).

My conclusions were that the 2XL Spoke were adequate, but a distant third place. While the 2XL had definitively better bass than the Skullcandy Ink’d, the 2XL’s mids and highs were only adequate. The Skullcandy Jib completely blew the Scullcandy Ink’d away, with much better bass, mids and highs, I thought I found what I had been looking for, that my quest had ended. But there was still the Panasonic RP-HJE120 to listen to. I must say I had little expectation for these after listening to the Skullcandy Jib’s. But what was this? Immediately the Panasonic’s sounded impressive. After listening to them for a while, I listened to the Jib’s again. I honestly preferred the cleaner sound of the Panasonic RP-HJE120, and the Ergo design was a plus, the fit was just so comfortable.

So there you have my layman’s evaluation of these three headsets and my hands down recommendation for the Panasonic RP-HJE120 (I got the Blue, however, I very much doubt that your color choice will affect the sound).