Monster iSport Victory Review

  4.1 out of 5   52 reviews
Orig. Price: $169.95
Sale Price: $134.95

These Monster iSport Victory In-ear Headphones are made to deliver high-quality audio during even the fiercest workout.

The sport clip is designed to fit around glasses (or sunglasses), and stay put through sweating and vigorous workouts. They provide a very secure fit, though perhaps better sized for a man’s head than a woman’s. This is a luxury earpiece and doesn’t feel cheap; by the same token, some may find it heavy in the ear. Compare the clip mechanism to the similar and slightly less expensive Bose Sport headphones.

The Monster Victory headphones block out outside noise really well, especially for an in-ear headphone. No complaints on that front.

Sound quality is excellent. Spectacular in the mid and high ranges. Some distortion on very low bass.

The headphone comes with a remote, which can be unreliable. Expect to use your mp3 player or phone to control volume and to flip through songs. Also note the flat, ‘no-tangle’ cord and 90-degree jack, a more compact design that won’t get in the way during a workout but also more likely to stress the cord.

Monster used to make the Beats by Dre headphones and launched as a separate brand after parting ways with Dre. So they have a history of producing high-quality, stylish gear. These headphones are no exception. They’re slightly more expensive than Dre-branded urBeats in-ear headphones, which aren’t optimized for sport in any case.

The Monster Victory earphones come in a muted graphite/black color combo, or graphite with a neon yellow accent in the buds and sport clip.

In short, these are the best in-ear sport headphones on the market right now, with a price to match.