Monster DNA Headphones Review

  4.3 out of 5   228 reviews
Orig. Price: $229.95
Sale Price: $149.99

Monster DNA on-ear headphones are very popular among music fans because they provide pure Monster sound. At approximately $150 dollars a pair, a must-have for music fans. With Monster DNA, you don’t have to worry about choosing between crystal details or deep bass because these headphones are tuned for the live music atmosphere. You’ll feel like you’re right there. They also have soft-as-your-pillow noise isolation cushions. As they keep the noise out, they’ll keep you comfortable.

And yet, monster dna headphones reviewthey’re also extremely light, which makes them lean and mean. Other cool features are the input jacks, which allow you to link to Music-share. This allows you to share music and movies with your friends. Lastly, they look as good as they sound and feel. Ranging from a white leopard design, to a more brushed steel design, these will make you look extremely cool while wearing them. Do you have a color preference? Well, instead of being forced to stick with just a basic black, you can choose from neon green, blue and pink, as well as solid whites and black and white combos.

Monster DNA vs. Beats Headphones

Monster DNA headphones are comparable to some of the other major high end headphone brands, such as Beats. They range from about $250 and include model like Beats Studio, Beats Executive, Beats Mixr and Pro. Many music listeners rate Monster DNA headphones over Beats and Bose Q15 because the deep end of Monster DNA is so much better. Monster DNA headphones are particularly useful for plugging into portable devices and listening on-the-go. They’re also easy to set up and use. Monster is scary good, indeed.

Beats Studio vs. Monster DNA Headphones Review