Lady Gaga Heartbeats (In-Ear)

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Orig. Price: $99.00
Sale Price: $89.95

Perhaps there’s something about the Beats line of headphones which just naturally exude an air of specialness and celebrity. Perhaps there’s something in that craftsmanship and quality which really does attract star power. Or, perhaps, it’s all a marketing decision—albeit a very clever one. Whatever the reason, celebrity and Beats headphones seem to go hand in hand. All Beats headphones and earphones, of course, carry the endorsement of Dr. Dre. The aforementioned PowerBeats come with the prestige and power that comes with a product backed by the King of the Court himself, LeBron James. And here, Lady Gaga Heartbeats, in that same vein, bring another star name into the fold, and a big one—the one and only Lady Gaga herself, and while these earphones aren’t nearly as excessive, garish or over over-the-top as you might expect from a Gaga-related product, it’s still no surprise she’s associated with them.

Dr. Monster’s Review of Lady Gaga Heartbeats

Rumored to be designed by Lady Gaga herself, these earphones, like Gaga herself, aim to have a unique look about them—and, in that regard, they most certainly succeed. The leather, the gunmetal studs, the built-in microphone for calls, and the sleek design that seems to suggest something more all of it’s just so perfectly-fitting for something bearing the endorsement of Lady Gaga. As with the PowerBeats, this is an earphone that, even with good sound quality, features star power as the main selling point. These could be for you if you’re gaga for Gaga and must have anything associated with the pop diva. That would be the main incentive to buy these earphones. It’s a celebrity-driven pop-culture world we live in, and there’s a strong desire for many to foster a sense of identification based upon which brands they buy and which stars they associate with themselves. These earphones, then, are a definite product of that ideology. They certainly are solid in all respects, but it’s definitely that star quality and the association with the Gaga brand which could make or break these earphones for you, that and possibly the nice studding job done along the outside of the earphones.