Beats urBeats (In-Ear)

  3.4 out of 5   118 reviews
Orig. Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $89.95

In keeping with idea that the urBeats material is a slimmed-down, more streamlined (not to mention cheaper) version of the Beats Tours. This model comes with a small, compact mesh case that easily snaps open or shut, and can store your ear buds with ease. It likewise comes with a few extras, including extra cushions for those ear buds. The mesh means that this case is softer than the hard shell that comes with the Beats Tour, but as these are earphones, and sturdy ones at that, it could be argued that there isn’t too much of a need for a hard shell case. There’s definitely an attempt, both in the casing and the actual earphones themselves, to try and translate the traditional Beats brand to an alternative which doesn’t rack up quite so high a price tag as is usually associated with their products—definitely a very wise choice.

Beats urBeats Review by Dr. Monster

For serious audiophiles, there might be some change in the sound quality, but then, serious audiophiles are more likely to be drawn towards more celebrated (and pricey) sets of ear buds and headphones. Though these are smaller, that’s by no means a strike against them. There’s something to be said for delivering a good, solid product, regardless of the size or the hype or anything else swirling around it. A couple earphones here have already demonstrated the virtue of celebrity endorsements, and the urBeats by Dr. Dre seem to be something of an antidote to that ideology. These are up front and honest about what they are—reliable, cheap earphones, nothing more, nothing less, and there’s nothing wrong with that. “Know thyself”—it holds true for students going off to college (both in real life as well as certain plays set in Medieval Denmark), it holds true in everyday life, and it holds true for marketing. The Bard also teaches us, “Neither a borrower nor lender be,” which is not only sound advice given the current economic climate, but it is advice that works to the urBeats advantage—no need to borrow or lend any cash to afford these earphones.