Beats By Dre Wireless (On-Ear)

  3.6 out of 5   177 reviews
Orig. Price: $279.95
Sale Price: $279.00

In terms of looks alone, the Beats By Dre Wireless and Studio seem similar, but it’s there that the similarities end. As you might have guessed, the Beats Wireless features wireless connectivity, come equipped with Bluetooth, and have controls on both sides. Of all the Beats headphones, the Wireless is perhaps the most innovative due to its wireless capability. While that may not seem like much, in an increasingly-wireless age, it represents, if not a revolution, then at the very least an evolution, and a step forward for Beats. Innovation is always a risk when it comes to a high-priced product, but at the same time it’s necessary for product lines to evolve. Where the other Dr. Dre headphones feature either the reserved minimalism of black or metallic or else the vibrant, attention-seeking red which has become synonymous with Beats as a company, this model comes in a variety of colors.

Beats By Dre Wireless Review by Dr. Monster

The ear cups for the Wireless are definitely larger and softer than the ear cups for the Solo HD; still, they’re not quite as large as those on the Studio model. What’s more, while innovative and definitely a step in the right direction, there are issues with the wireless connectivity capabilities of these headphones. There are some foibles when it comes to the connectivity of these headphones, however—they’re functional, but not fully there yet. Thus far the biggest problems of this sort seem to be between the Beats Wireless and Mac computers such as the Macbook Pro. In terms of connecting to iPods or other devices, these connectivity issues are significantly lesser. Another concern is the potential for noise from the unity itself, as squeaking or creaking sounds when walking have been reported. In terms of overall sound, these do quite nicely. There’s a nice, booming resonance to the audio quality, and it does an excellent job cancelling out exterior sound. There may some slight issues with sound leakage in closed environments, but otherwise these are quite functional. Still, these are good for their price, and the innovation on Dre’s part is commendable—just be aware of the aforementioned concerns.