Beats By Dre Solo HD (On-Ear)

  3.9 out of 5   1,312 reviews
Orig. Price: $199.95
Sale Price: $179.00

In many respects, the Beats By Dre Solo HD may be seen as a fusion of the Pro and Studio models. This begins with the case itself—the mesh feel of the Pro cases is combined with the hard-shelled compactness of the Studios. While this is an oft-overlooked element of design, it is nice to see the people behind the Beats brand trying to mix and match design elements which are good on their own to see if they can’t push the boundaries just a bit any way they can. This model is a bit smaller than other designs. Rather than an outright detriment, however, this is more a matter of taste. If you’re happy to have your headphones at the smaller end of the spectrum, however, this won’t be an issue. There’s nothing small about the Solo HD’s ability to cancel out sound, however. The cups work well in blocking outside sound, allowing you to enjoy your music in peace.

Beats By Dre Solo HD Review by Dr. Monster

You’ll be able to get quite a bit of quality performance out of these—and everyone around you will know. The Solos are compact, easy to carry, and the overall make of the Beats solo headphones should be very satisfying, again, especially if you prefer headphones that are a bit more petite. The sound quality is excellent, though there are some sound leakage problems, but the trade-off there is that these feature some excellent sound-cancelling ability. The case isn’t quite as tough, perhaps, as that of the Dre Studio models, but at the same time is still tough enough to absorb most punishment and still very portable. It does deserve to be mentioned once more that these are smaller headphones—if you’re looking for huge ear cups to show off, other Dre models provide that, and in abundance. Still, there is something to be said for this more compact design, and if that’s the way you prefer your headphones, chances are the Beats Solo won’t disappoint. Boasting robust speakers and a streamlined design, all in all, however, the Beats Solo HDs are efficient, stylish, and a good, cheap by from Beats.