Beats By Dre Pro (Over-Ear)

  3.9 out of 5   340 reviews
Orig. Price: $399.95
Sale Price: $359.00

Upon first inspection, Beats By Dre Pro features a strong build and comfortable design. The Beats Pro comes standard with a case, coiled red cables to cables compatible with your headphones and iPod alike, and of course the headphones themselves. The earpieces are able to rotate in a circular fashion, which allows you to have a conversation with friends and still listen to your favorite songs. This can come in handy at higher levels of volume – allows you to block out ambient or otherwise-intrusive outside sound, while lower settings give crisp, clear sound quality without in any way being lessened. The sound quality at any level, then is good, if not for audiophiles. These headphones also come with a smooth, metallic finish and, of course, the Beats logo on the side of each earpiece. This is, again, seemingly the default from which all—or at least most—Beats headphones, take their cues and evolve.

Beats By Dre Pro Review by Dr. Monster

So what does this mean for the Dr. Dre Beats Pro in terms of quality and performance? To begin with, this model’s build is very sturdy; unlike other, flimsier models this is a pair of headphones which you can bet on lasting for some time. The headphones themselves are stylish, as the silver finish is nicely complemented by the red Beats logo. In fact, the metallic look of the Beats Pros probably adds to sense of their being a durable pair of headphones that simply won’t break or burn out on you. In terms of performance, this model is the benchmark, the sure thing, and the marker by which all of the above are measured—as such, some models may excel a bit more here and there, but in terms of all-around, reliable performance, the Beats Pros are the standard bearer for the Dr. Dre line, and with good reason. What you see is what you get. If you’re looking to buy your first pair of headphones, or else are just new to the Dr. Dre line and want a sure thing, and are looking for some Beats by Dre cheap, you may want to check this model out first.