Beats By Dre Powerbeats (In-Ear)

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Sale Price: $149.95

While the Beats Tour are bit more understated, these are earphones that you wear with the intention of being seen wearing them, and with good reason. Beats By Dre PowerBeats has been endorsed by LeBron James, and so wearing these may be seen as somewhat analogous to wearing a jersey—at its most basic, it’s a piece of clothing, sure, but there’s a definite vibe and identity to these earphones, which is what you’re really purchasing when you buy one of these. For earphones, these are very strong, sturdily-built, and big. Everything about this model is bigger than the other models listed here, but then again, that’s all intentional, as with the endorsement by LeBron and the nice, sleek finish, these are as much for show as anything else, and there’s something to be said for that. After all, earphones seem to be fast becoming the understated fashion statement of our time.

Beats By Dre PowerBeats Review by Dr. Monster

At $150 and with the endorsement of none other than current King of the NBA, LeBron James himself, the PowerBeats come pre-packaged with both a high price tag and even higher expectations. As opposed to the inauspicious look of the Beats Tour, the PowerBeats are definitely noticeable, but you shouldn’t mistake that for a con—these are ear buds marketed towards athletes, and it shows. Even with the solid sound quality of the Dr. Dre Powerbeats, that may be their greatest plus—that they’re a commodity and entity unto themselves, a set of earphones that come with bragging rights. Can LeBron James do for earphones what Michael Jordan did for basketball shoes in the ‘90s? Only time will tell, but for the moment, these are solid earphones. They aren’t inauspicious—not by any means—but this can’t be counted as a con as, again, if you’re wearing these headphones in public, changes are being inauspicious is the last thing you want to be. (And if standing out loudly is the mission statement, LeBron James might be the perfect pitchman for these earphones after all.) The ear clips flexible and sweat-resistant. These are quality, royal earphones with a steep price tag.