Beats By Dre Mixr (On-Ear)

  4.1 out of 5   139 reviews
Orig. Price: $249.95
Sale Price: $224.00

Known as one of the most popular and trendy headphones on the market, Beats By Dre Mixr combines a sleek design with superior technology to provide users with an enhanced sound that magnifies the listening experience. The product includes rotating earcups for a snug and comfortable fit that is adjustable for both children and adults to offer plenty of support. The earcups even twist upward, making it easy for the user to listen to exterior noises without removing the headphones completely.

Beats By Dre Mixr Review By Dr. Monster

Beats By Dre Mixr stands out amongst competitors for its in-line microphone, making it easy to make phone calls for a hands-free experience that is safe and uses advanced technology with 3.5mm jacks. When traveling, the headphones are able to become compact with a unique folding design that is easy to pack or store without feeling bulky.

Users of the product prefer the popular item over iBeats, Diesel Vektr, Souls, and Tours with a sound that feels stronger with an exceptional bass that is deep with a low frequency range. It also includes a custom diaphragm to allow the sound to come in smooth and clear. The bass is one of the highlights of the headphones, known for its perfection with the sound as it has just enough power without taking away from the music.

Whether traveling or spending time at the gym, the headphones are versatile and made to withstand different situations and conditions. Besides the design that is sleek and sophisticated, the metal headphones are durable and can easily withstand different conditions for daily use, lasting for several years with materials used that are meant to hold up strongly. Many consider the product to be much more durable than former models. Even the packaging is trendy in design for an edgy look as it comes with the headphones and accessories that include two input jacks for the headphones and two separate cables.

Not only is the sound quality superior, but it cancels out surrounding noise, making it easy to become lost in the beats for a product that doesn’t allow distracting noises to interfere with the music.

Various colors are available, essentially every color of the rainbow, making it easy to stand out with a shade that fits a certain personality or style. The black and silver metal accents create a high-end look with different colors even available for the padding on the ears. The overall look and shape is smooth for a style that is plenty modern and has an attention to detail.

Beats by Dre Mixr headphones are often compared to The Sony X, but are offered at a cheaper price with a $50 comparison, for a simpler product that delivers more than expected for the price. When compared to Bose headphones, Beats By Dre continues to serve a superior sound that has a deeper base at a cheaper price, selling for an average of $270.

Beats By Dre works to combine the most exceptional sound on the market for a price that is difficult to beat with the incredible design and versatility for a product that will deliver more than it costs.