Beats By Dre Executive Headphones (Over-Ear)

  3.4 out of 5   107 reviews
Orig. Price: $299.95
Sale Price: $269.00

When you think over the word “executive,” what else comes to mind? “Important?” “Classy?” “Rich?” All three are present in Beats By Dre Executive. These meticulously-crafted headphones come with a smooth silver finish that, while reminiscent of that of the Beats Pros, seems to come across as just a little smoother and, as a result, a little classier. The case is, yet again, a hard-shelled one, is reasonably-compact for a headphone case, and is outfitted with a matte design. All the usual clips and cables which you would come to expect from a pair of headphones by Dr. Dre are also included. The fabric which lines the inside of the cubs feels nice to the touch and can even potentially warm your ears on a cold day, so if you live in a cooler climate these might just double as earmuff and ear cups alike—a very nice touch.


Beats By Dre Executive Review

If you were ever to wear a pair of Dr. Dre headphones as if they were a fashion statement or status symbol, it’d probably be these. As such, these headphones certainly do look expensive, and have one of the best overall looks and feels in terms of pure aesthetics of the lot. Wearing these as a status symbol would be a perfectly-understandable move—but how much does the price of status set you back? More than a pretty penny indeed (but then, what else would you expect—status doesn’t come cheaply. That’s part of what makes it, for some, so alluring in the first place.) In keeping with that pricier feel, there’s leather finish around the ear cups, and you’ll need a couple AA batteries to power these headphones. The nature of the case requires that you place the Executives in a somewhat awkward position for storage, and no pouch means a bit more clutter inside. Does this translate to good, Dr. Dre-quality sound? Yes. But the Executives are more about what’s on the outside, and in the end that’s the $299.99 question—how much are you willing to pay extra for the prestige and status the Executives (admittedly) offer?