Beats By Dre Studio Headphones

This is one of the most essential questions that you’re going to have to ask when you’re thinking about grabbing a pair of Beats headphones.

You would be beyond hard-pressed to try and find even a single person that would tell you Beats headphones are on the cheap side, a value by, or amazingly affordable – simply because they are more expensive than almost anything else on the market today. And while it’s possible to find a couple of deals all over the web to get your new Beats headphones for a little bit less and in what they retail around, the odds are definitely stacked against you finding anything less than $200.

Now, that being said, the truth of the matter is that Beats headphones might be the first pair of headphones that could command that this high of a price tag

With the elite level sound quality packed into each and every square inch of these headphones, you’re going to be able to enjoy your music in ways you’ve never before thought possible.

There is a reason that the engineering team behind the Beats headphones spent literally years and years perfecting their plans and blueprints, trying to find the perfect blend of performance and aesthetics. Dr. Dre certainly had an indoor mamss amount of influence in the creation of these headphones as well, and with his reputation as one of the very best musical producers and artists of our generation it’s not hard to imagine that he can be a little bit of a perfectionist when it came to sound quality.

Luckily, all of that effort and hard work pays off the moment that you slide a pair of Beats headphones over your years. You’re going to enjoy a ridiculously clear sound, incredibly deep and rich bass, and the kind of mid-range notes that you’ve never would have been able to experience with any other set of headphones.

There’s a reason that people who continue to rant and rave about the sound quality of these headphones are purchasing more and more music on a regular basis – these headphones sound so great that you just want to continue to feed them audio files.

So are Beats By Dr. Dre worth the money?

If you have the money to burn and are looking for the latest and greatest technology in the headphones industry – or want a pair of fantastic looking headphones that you’ve seen on the ears of your favorite celebrities, athletes, or Hollywood movie stars – and you’re probably going to want to grab a pair of these headphones as soon as humanly possible.

Now, if you’re living paycheck to paycheck and are struggling with your bills, you’ll probably want to avoid plopping $200 down on a brand-new set of the headphones – even if they are as incredible and game changing as the these headphones can be.

People swear by them, people continue to buy them, and the Beats look like they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.