• Monster DNA Headphones Review

    Monster DNA Headphones Review

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    Monster DNA Headphones Review

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    Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones

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beats by dre

Best Stylish Headphones of 2013 – Monster Headphones

Beats Electronics is an illustrious company that has taken the entire music business by storm and has given an entirely new face to the musical listening experience over the past decade. Founded in 2006 by top names in the music industry Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, the first product to be release were headphones called Beats By Dr. Dre Studio, which have now been redesigned and reimagined and are still available for purchase today. Since then, their inventory has grown to include numerous headphone models, audio equipment, and a new music service called Beats Music, which will debut in late 2013.

The main line of Beats products, which are their expensive headphones, offers extensive choices ranging from Beats Solo, Mixr, and Pro, to Studio, Wireless, and Executive. The earphone collection includes some of the best in ear headphones such as Tour, Powerbeats, Heartbeats, and Urbeats models. Dre speakers, which is their smallest line, includes Pill, Beatbox, and Beatbox Portable.

Although the Monster Headphones, earphones, and speakers tote a heftier price tag than most other personal listening devices, their high-quality sound output and unique characteristics make them a product worth the price. Because of that high-quality sound, the company has also branched out to create Beats Audio, which has been marketed to a number of manufacturers. HP, for instance, currently offers Beats by Dre in practically all of their products including personal computers, desktops, and tablets. The company has even teamed up with Chrysler and Fiat, which offer the Dre Beats sound system in specific models of their vehicles.

When a great company with a distinguished item comes along, there also inevitably comes numerous other companies who want to mimic the style but forget to add the same amount of quality workmanship to their own cheaper counterpart. Fortunately, though, you can rest assured that absolutely all of our products on drmonsterheadphones.com are entirely genuine.

Before you make the plunge to buy yourself a Beats product, browse through our product listings and read Beats headphones review in order to determine the best product for your listening experience and find the perfect Beats headphones for sale. And even if you happen to be feeling weary about making such an investment in your listening experience, our best quality Beats Headphones at drmonsterheadphones.com are the best price headphones you’ll be able to find. Whether you prefer a larger headset that fit over your ears, a more conspicuous set that slip into your ears, or speakers you can blast throughout an entire room, Beats and Monster Headphones have products to satisfy your individual listening needs.

Are Beats headphones worth it?

This is one of the most essential questions that you’re going to have to ask when you’re thinking about grabbing a pair of Beats headphones. You would be beyond hard-pressed...